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Emma is an acoustic pop songwriter with a christian influence based in Guildford. She released a homemade EP in the summer of 2018 called 'Look How Big The World Is' using her acquired knowledge from studying at the Academy of Contemporary Music.

Being influenced by the church from a young age, Emma's music has a spiritual and christian message. Whether it is an acoustic pop song or a contemporary gospel song, it will have the vocals of Sara Bareilles and the passion of the Holy Spirit. 
Emma likes her songs to include uplifting lyrics with catchy melodies that display her vocal range and ability. 

As a graduate from ACM, she aspires to become a Christian musician and songwriter whilst teaching others to sing and develop a passion for music.


Emma’s main musical inspiration is Sara Bareilles. Her beautiful mixture of pop, soul and jazz has created the foundation for Emma’s vocal tone and technique. She is also influenced by Christian artists like Hillsong and Worship Central and so

she wants to create music that blend these genres together. Emma would love to be a part of one of these worship teams in the future.

Being a grade 8 vocalist, Emma is also interested

in teaching. She would love to develop young voices and motivate young children and adults to discover their unique creativity, as she had once been encouraged to pursue herself.