"I’ve been following Emma’s developing repertoire of styles, voices and genres over the last few years and have been hugely impressed with her talent, both as an original singer-songwriter and with her ability to find new ways of interpreting the works of other contemporary artists.  Her own voice is authentic and she tackles some deep and challenging subjects with honesty and poetry.  I have really enjoyed discovering Emma’s style and artistic gifts and am looking forward to watching her career.  She deserves to be heard by the widest audience."

Jon Morris

"I have known Emma since she was at Primary school and our families are good friends. I became aware of Emma’s musical talents when I was approached to be her piano and voice teacher. Emma had already been learning and was singing in groups but was looking for some further more formal training. As a pupil who came to me for around 7 years I can honestly say that every lesson was a joy – she always worked hard and has such a lovely personality she is so easy to get along with. As a pianist Emma worked on many genres but with a focus on pop music which gave her a great understanding of the workings of chords, and song harmonies and syncopation. This knowledge can now be seen and heard in her own songs – which are written with care and a personal style which is both easy to listen to but her compositions and songs also include a quirky unique side which make them hers.

As a singer Emma achieved Grade 8 in Trinity Rock and Pop  - which was a real pleasure to be her teacher and to work with her to encourage and assist her in the various techniques and skills needed, including scat, improvisation and blues. Emma has a solid vocal technique, clarity of tone and flexibility in vocal ranges which she can use in a variety of styles. I have watched her grown in confidence and experience singing solos, duets and as the lead singer in her band.

Emma continues to develop as a musician and song writer and I am thrilled to have been a part of her musical training."

Kathryn Shaw
Kathryn Shaw BMus(Hons), CTABRSM, DipABRSM
Mezzo Soprano, Musician & Teacher

  “Emma’s music is authentic, honest and soulful, with beautifully crafted lyrics that you can relate to. She posses a real gift of harnessing poetic language and melody to convey a vivid picture of what she wants to share with her audience. Emma’s voice has both range, depth and purity enabling her to express many emotions through her vocal performance. She has a distinct and recognisable style that is both accessible yet original.”

Clare Nunn

"Emma started at The Rock Music Academy as an eager young singer and developed her vocals and musicality with us in lessons over a number of years. During this time Emma began performing in groups, in a band and developed her style as a solo performer. Emma impressed us so much with her dedication and vocal ability and this ultimately lead her onto the path of becoming part of our tutor team, assisting and developing new young singers in our lessons. Emma’s passion and talent for singing is undeniable, she has always worked hard and professionally in all aspects of her time with us. Now Emma has moved onto writing and creating her own original music and we know she will have a wonderful career."


Claire Holmes

The Rock Music Academy